Atlas N Gauge N-2 Code 80 Layout Loop W/Passing Track & Sidings

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On the N-2, the passing track at the left end allows for a second more subtle maneuver when a single "local freight" is running on the line with cars to be delivered to both spur tracks. The locomotive can use the passing track to run around its train and get in position to shove cars into the spur which faces the "wrong way" for whichever direction it is traveling. TABLE SIZE: 24" x 40" - Kit Details - N-2 LOOP WITH PASSING TRACK AND SIDINGS SP1000 SPADE CONNECTORS SELECTOR N-5" STRAIGHT TRACK - (6 PCS) N-9 3/4" RADIUS TRACK - (6 PCS) N-19" RADIUS TRACK - (6 PCS) N-RERAILER TRACK - (3 PCS) N-BUMPERS N-PLASTIC JOINERS N-TERMINAL JOINERS HO&N-TRACK NAILS N-STANDARD SWITCH REMOTE RIGHT N-STANDARD SWITCH REMOTE LEFT