Dapol 16t Steel Mineral Wagon Atkinson & Prickett OO Gauge

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The 16 ton mineral wagon was a product of wartime when the requirement for coal soared and efforts were made to transport it more efficiently. Prior to wartime most coal was transported in wooden open wagons with a maximum loading of 12 tons. The all steel construction allowed a 33% increase in load and as a consequence these wagons proved extremely popular. After the war this popularity was sustained with the emergence of the new nationalised BR who based their standard coal shifter on this design. In all over 300,000 were built from many different construction companies. As a consequence of the diversity of supply, there are many design differences, especially over the recommended all welded construction, where many factories could not cope and used rivets instead. The basic design of the wagon (after many repairs and a refurbishment and re-body program in the 1970s) continued into service until 1987.


The Dapol model of the 16 ton mineral wagon features:

• Highly detailed body moulding

• Accurately applied livery

• Complete with coal load

• Profiled wheels

• NEM pockets with self-centring couplings

• Available all with different running numbers