Dapol Siphon H BR W1431 N Gauge

Dapol Siphon H BR W1431 N Gauge

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The ‘Siphon G’ van was a ventilated, wooden bodied covered wagon designed by the GWR for the mass transport of milk contained in churns. Siphon wagons were first manufactured in the 1870s and went through many design changes and improvements. The most popular model was ‘Siphon G’, of which 130 were built between 1913 and 1927. All ‘Siphon G’ vans survived into nationalisation in 1948 with the last examples being withdrawn from service in 1962. ’Siphon G’ vans peculiarly were designated as carriages as opposed to goods vehicles due to their construction being based on recycled passenger carriage chassis.

The Dapol model features:

• Detailed moulded body complete with planking and ventilation detail

• Siphon G is complete with corridor connector

• Finely and accurately applied livery

• Profiled wheels