Fleischmann N Gauge 1/160 Railogix 193 627 Electric Locomotive VI FM739318

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The first Vectron multisystem locomotive from Raillogix is particularly striking due to its red metallic paint. The company is one of the major intermodal rail operators in Europe. It serves not only the largest ports in Europe, but also the most important industrial regions in the European hinterland.


This model is fitted with directional lighting, a detailed body with applied livery decals, reliable motor and NEM Couplings.


  • Die-cast metal chassis
  • Directional Lighting
  • NEM Coupling
  • Model in metalic livery
  • With a new motor and revised gearbox
  • With a long rain gutter
  • The locomotive is used in the international goods traffic.
  • The headlights can be completely or partially switched off with a DIP switch
  • Project development in cooperation with Railcolour Design