Hornby 00 Gauge LNER, Class 43 HST, Power Cars 43315 and 43309 - Era 11 R3802

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Both units were built at Crewe, being delivered in early 1979; 43309 on 20 January and 43315 on 10 March, but initially the vehicles were formed into different sets and numbered 43109 and 43115 respectively. Both have shared similar naming conventions, as Yorkshire Evening Press and Yorkshire Cricket Academy, then as Scone Palace and Aberdeenshire, but both are currently unnamed in LNER service.

Technical Specification & Detail

Length  2 x 235mm 
DCC Type  DCC Ready 
Period  Era 11 (2014 +) 
Operator/Livery  LNER Red/Grey 
Designer  Sir Kenneth Grange 
Entered Service  1978 
Minimum Curve  R2 
Motor  5 Pole Skew Wound 
Wheel Configuration  Bo-Bo