Kato N Scale JJR Series 313-2300 2 Car EMU K10-1773

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Series 313 is a direct current suburban train of JR Central that appeared in 1999. It is the mainstay of JR Central's commuting suburbs with a detailed numbering system with specifications that match the line section used.

The third car, which was added in 2006, adopts a Western-style toilet for wheelchairs, provides a wheelchair space to make it barrier-free, and also has a monitor device with a driving record information recording function and a backup power supply. Equipped with safety measures equipment. Another feature is that the headlights are white (upper LED, lower HID) and full-color LEDs are used to display the type and destination.

The 2500 series with long seats, the 2300 series with 2-car trains, the 2350 series with two pantographs, and the 3000 series in the Shizuoka area are on the Tokaido Main Line between Toyohashi and Atami, as well as the Gotemba Line. It is operated by Minobu Line.


  • A close-coupled coupler (without hook) is used for the leading coupler. Includes Denren (2 steps) (excluding 3000 series)
  • Includes priority seat display sticker including non-slip front step
  • Reproduces long seat interior (3000 series is fixed semi-cross seat)
  • Headlight / tail light / Front display lights up (with off switch). Reproduce the image of an impressive bright white headlight
  • The side destination display with an impressive full-color LED display is printed
  • Stable driving is possible by adopting a power unit with a flywheel
  • DCC friendly
  • Accessories: Replacement front display , Driver for turn-off switch, Priority seat display sticker, Denren (2 steps)

313 series 2350 series

  • Reproduce the characteristic double pantograph roof with two pantographs mounted on Kumoha 313
  • Front display installed, normal Mishima .. For replacement: Ordinary Gotemba is attached
  • The motor vehicle has traction tires.