Noch HO Gauge Golfers (6) And Accessories Figure Set N15885

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Golfers In 2017 we are celebrating a small figurine anniversary: ??in 1997 the first NOCH figurines came onto the market and in the meantime the program has blossomed quite nicely.

Meanwhile, we have over 250 different character sets and offer on 500 individual figures. That can be seen in any case. The "Golfer" model figure set contains six hand-painted figures who are engaged in a very popular ball sport. So you can build this scene on the model railway layout.

The men all wear a T-shirt and long pants. Of course, the golf glove should not be missing on one hand. The well-known golf bag and a flag are also included in the set. Golf is a traditional ball sport. It is a matter of playing a ball with as few strokes as possible, in accordance with the official rules of golf, from the tee into the hole, using different golf clubs. Contents: Packaging Unit: 1 set