Rapido Trains UK Update - GWR 'B-Sets'

Rapido Trains UK Update - GWR 'B-Sets'

Great Western Railway E140 B Set Coaches by Rapido Trains UK - Update

Rapido Trains UK have released images of the engineering prototypes of the up and coming Great Western Railway Diagram R140 'E Set' coaches, showing the extensive detail on the bodies, underframe, bogies and even interior details within the passenger and brakeman's compartments.

One of the classic Great Western Railway branch trains was a pair of non-corridor Brake Composites - known as ‘B-Sets’ - hauled by a ‘Small Prairie’ 2-6-2T. The first iteration of ‘B-set’ coaches was delivered in 1924 under diagram E116. However, it wasn’t until 1930 when the largest diagram – E140 – were delivered. These vehicles each sported a guard’s compartment, a single First Class compartment and five Third Class compartments. The coaches were close coupled in a fixed formation with the brake compartments on the outer ends. These coaches were longer and wider than previous designs and necessitated recessed door handles and Guards doors. They ran on 7ft wheelbase bogies. A total of 41 Dia. E140 sets of coaches were built. Primarily allocated to the Bristol Division, Dia. E140s could be found further afield, from Cardiff and Taunton to Birmingham and Worcester… not to mention those classic Cornish branch lines so beloved by modellers! As many of these coaches ran specific routes, they often received set markings for the location on the ends adjacent to the brake compartments.

Designed in the UK using original works drawings 

• Fully detailed interior 

• Lots of separately-fitted detail

• Working lights

• Complete underbody detailing with many separate parts 

• NEM coupler pockets 

• Only available in twin-pack

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6th Jun 2023

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