How To Set Up a Hornby Train Set?

Posted by Railway Model Store Team on 2nd Dec 2021

How To Set Up a Hornby Train Set?

Hornby starter sets are a great way to get started in the model railway hobby, but how do you set one up?

Setting up a Hornby train set is a really simple process, everything you need is included with the starter set - controller, track, power supply, locomotive and wagons.

To begin with connect all the track together to form a loop, generally a train set comes with a power track, a straight track of the same size as the power track and then 8 curves. All you need to do is slot them together, but be patient as sometimes it can get a bit frustrating - you must make sure that the fishplates (track connectors) are both lined up before connecting the track, the best way to connect track would be to place the track on a flat surface such as a table and then push them together.

Once you have a basic loop set up, the next step is to plug in the controller. this is a simple task to do, simply slot the connecting wires together, the double pronged wire will connect to the power track, and the large connector links the power supply to the controller.

Now that the controller and the track is linked up you can start putting the train onto the track, it does not matter which order you put the locomotive or the coaches/wagons on, they will all connect when you push them together, and link up - your train is now set up, and you can use the switch on the controller to decide on the direction of the train, and that's everything!